"Memories are like a patchwork quilt...each section is sewn together, to be wrapped around us for comfort and warmth in the years to come."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Busy Week!

My BFF and I decided to help out a family opening a home for kids at risk on the Peninsula. We committed to 6 quilts by the middle of August. I finished two this week and have another top ready to tie. We might just make our dead-line. This one is the 3-6-9 pattern. Super easy and lots of fun. I make both of these service quilts with scraps I had in my stash. Gotta love that!

This one is another service quilt. The pink and brown are fun.

This one has been worked on for almost 6 months. It's Jackson's "big boy quilt" . A few years ago I made Log Cabin quilts with the same colors and scraps cut from their dad's jeans for Jack's older brothers. I finally got his done. The back is flannel, so it's nice and cozzy. He was so happy to get it today that he wrapped himself in it. I almost cried. I love making quilts for my grandchildren, especially when they love them.

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  1. Love Love LOVE! Is that pink one the skipping squares pattern?? I love that you added wonky blocks to it!!